You know?

You know how sometimes your mind force you to leave everything and just run away from the reality?
You know how sometimes it feels like you just want to be alone for a bit and not be disturbed by anyone?
Yeah I’m sure you know…
You know that because everyone have been through this maybe not like how I described it maybe worse and maybe not..
They say that in order to find the real happiness we have to go through the worst things ever.
Maybe it’s true and maybe not, because life is fucked up it works on destroying you physically and emotionally..
Life doesn’t have an instruction manual unfortunately, so how come we know so much about it?
One word:experiences.
So we are going to fall a lot of time before permanently standing up I’m kinda convincing myself with that to get through this horrible time maybe this is the key for happiness and maybe not.
But at the end who knows? only GOD.




Have you ever felt like you’re completely alone, lost, miserable and that your life is so meaningless?
If yes, you should know that this is my current feeling..
If no, you should know that you’re such a lucky person.
Well I’m trying to convince myself that god created people for a meaningful reason and we have to see what this reason is.
But unfortunately I’m still upset.
It’s like a dark power forcing me to be sad and unhappy and it’s like trying so damn hard but no result is shown.
Too many thoughts going on in my mind it’s like thinking about all the small not important details and it sucks.
Like I was thinking about whats my answer is going to be when my teacher asks me :what did you do during the summer.
And I literally have no answer.
Should I tell her nothing?
Or ‘oh yea I watched tv and checked my social media accounts oh and started a Blog’
How ridiculous is that?
Or what should I say to my friends when they ask me if I had fun?
Should I say yes or no?
All those stuff going on in my head I even have a headache right now.
But you know what?
I’m blessed.
I have an amazing family, a place to call home, food to eat, water and I’m actually breathing!
I know that at least 1 other person went through this but we shouldn’t give up life is a battle where we should keep fighting to win and find happiness so whatever we are going through (sickness, death of a loved person, financial problems, bullying, depression,break ups or whatever…) moving on is a must and smiling is a definite.

New mystery, new day.


Every new day holds a new mystery.
I wake up every single day wanting to explore that mystery and deeply think about it and what could it be.
And by the end of the day nothing happens:
-Watched TV
-Checked my social applications
-Helped my parents
Just normal things we all do!
Before going to bed I just review what happened during my day and than nothing.
I sleep and sleep and wake up the other day and It suddenly hits me!
I’m stronger than before aka yesterday I’m wiser and just happier because lets face it we just have to learn how to appreciate the little things and make them our source of happiness.
Have a good day everyone♥

Is life really hard?

The first day of our lives is hard:
-The doctor slaps us
-New people everywhere
-Our parents wanting nothing but for us to be healthy, safe and ‘happy’
And than we just grow up but that doesn’t mean that the first day won’t repeat itself.
Life slaps us every single day:we meet new people(school, social buddies, coworkers…) and our parents still want the same things.
And while growing we think about money, friends, outings and we crave
‘happy ending’ .
We cry and than we laugh,
We feel the bitter of death for one second and than we live again…
Now I’ve been told before that it’s just one bad day not a a bad life
But it’s not just one bad day it’s even worst it could be bad year, week, days and I experienced them all but I’m still alive and writing this and maybe someone is out there reading this and I couldn’t be happier.
So who said life is hard?
Life is full of ups and downs we fall than we stand up again so we just have to enjoy life and move on and maybe find love, peace, money is not bad also we just have to be Happy.

Lets Be Real For A Bit

I know that probably nobody will read this, I’m practically sure of that because too many popular blogs exist and they talk about so many beautiful, beneficial topics and I’m just here to talk about myself, experiences, thoughts and whatsoever.
The reason I wanted to do that is because every person just need to talk and deal with stuff and let everything just go..
I hope someone reads that because learning from other’s people mistakes is beneficial.